Griffith campaign has been negative

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 While reading the local newspaper I saw yet another example of the breakdown of campaign finance regulations because of the Citizens United Supreme Court case.

There was a nasty ad with no truth but the usual “smear and fear” against our Congressman Boucher. There have been plenty “smear and fear” ads on our local TV stations against Boucher, too.

The nasty, anonymous ads continue to push all the buzz words and slogans that Griffith and his cohorts are hoping will win out over the substance that Rick Boucher has to offer.

But what do we know about [his opponent, Morgan] Griffith? He has been in the Virginia House of Delegates for 16 years — almost a decade as majority leader.

What has he done for those in the 9th District? We have had a 73 percent increase in our electricity rates. That is a state issue, and using his position as majority leader, Morgan Griffith blocked meaningful reform.

What about Virginia’s transportation problems? Again, he blocked meaningful legislation.

What about education in the 9th District? Griffith voted to cut nearly $40 million from Southwest Virginia schools to send [through the state education formula] to Northern Virginia.

What has he accomplished for the 9th? Nothing.

It is easy to be against a solution. It is much more difficult to roll up your sleeves and work to solve problems.

Last year, Rick Boucher hosted 20 town halls. By comparison Bob Goodlatte, Griffith’s congressman, hosted seven.

Why isn’t Griffith interested in serving the 6th District and stopping his meddling in the 9th — looks like Goodlatte could use some help, as serving his constituents seems so overwhelming for him.

Candidate Griffith is going down to defeat in November, and there is not much he can do about it but rail ever louder on the way down.

The entire Griffith campaign has been a sad, negative effort to delude and deceive people about Rick’s record.

Ninth District voters know it and will return Boucher to office. They are not as uninformed as Mr. Griffith and his minions hope they are.

Janet Hylton Tate

Laurel Fork