Grayson holding election recount

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By Ben Bomberger, Reporter

INDEPENDENCE — Voters of the Wilson District in Grayson County will know which candidate will represent them for the next four years on the board of supervisors after an official recount is performed today, Friday, in the board room of the courthouse.

Last month, the race for the Wilson District seat on the Grayson County Board of Supervisors came down to four votes. Republican incumbent Mike Maynard emerged with 529 votes, compared to Democratic challenger Kate Irwin's 525.

According to the Virginia State Board of Elections, there are no automatic recounts in Virginia, but a recount can be requested if the difference between the apparent winning candidate and the apparent losing candidate is not more than 1 percent of the total votes cast for those two candidates.

With 1,059 registered voters turning out in last month's election, the difference had to be 10 votes or less for Irwin to request a self-paid recount. Because the difference is a mere four votes — less than one-half of 1 percent of the total turnout — Grayson will be responsible for the cost.

Circuit Court Chief Judge Colin R. Gibb — along with two judges appointed by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Virginia — will make up the recount court, which outlines all procedures and the manner in which the recount will be conducted for each type of voting equipment used.

The court will also appoint recount officials from among the officers who served during the election.

After all the votes are recounted, the court will certify the candidate with the most votes as the winner.

The recount is a simple redetermination of all the votes cast on Election Day. Recount officials will only be counting the ballots that were previously cast.

A voter's eligibility to vote or any alleged irregularities will not be called into question during today's recount.

Both Maynard and Irwin are required to attend, according to the Virginia State Code, but the recount is not open to the public.