Grayson has a lot we don't need

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Grayson County has lots of needs. We also have lots we don't need, in the form of expenses for the taxpayers. Here are just a few.
• Doubling of real estate taxes to pay for a new multi-million dollar school. We already had good school buildings, better than a lot of kids live in.
• Borrowing money to pay interest on borrowed money with the result of putting the new school in hock to some financier off in another state somewhere.
• A school superintendent with a salary that would choke a hay-baler.
• An assistant county commissioner to help dream up new ways to drain the taxpayers, for instance the exorbitant trash fee.
• A county building inspector that has to have an assistant. Wonder what they are doing now, with no building going on?
• A set of supervisors with the foresight of a bunch of kids, and less spine than an earthworm.
A time when we all have had to tighten up just to hang on, look at the help we got in Grayson County.

Tom Holloway