Grayson gives more to Fries School

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$70,000 in unexpected revenue will be turned over to school system.

By Ben Bomberger, Reporter

INDEPENDENCE – Grayson County supervisors voted to provide an additional $70,000 to the county’s school system to complete renovations at Fries School.
Grayson Schools Superintendent Dr. Elizabeth Thomas was on hand during the board’s regular meeting earlier this month to formally request an additional $87,000 to complete the school’s renovations.
The estimate included painting ($35,000), signage ($5,900), a new culvert ($5,500), flag pole ($3,600), landscaping ($4,000), repair two culverts ($1,500), parking lot ($4,000 for gravel, fence, landscaping and paving), computer wiring ($18,000), furnishings ($1,500) and security cameras ($8,000).
After reading the request, County Administrator Jonathan Sweet said the board could choose to use money from unanticipated revenues to satisfy this request.
“Due to unanticipated revenues that have come in, those revenues can be directed to satisfy the request of the school system,” Sweet said, noting that the unanticipated revenues did not equal the total request of $87,000.
What the county did have to offer was $70,000.
Sweet said if the board chose to provide the school system the $70,000, it would “not have a detrimental impact on the current budget.”
However, Sweet was concerned whether the county could provide the money now, two months before the majority of the county’s tax collections will be collected in December.
Sweet also noted that, if the board chose to provide this money, the county would be giving an additional appropriation above the Local Required Effort — the state-mandated amount the locality must provide in order for the school system to receive maximum funds.
Sweet made that point to be sure that supervisors and school officials understood that if Average Daily Membership were to rise at the end of the year — which would increase the county’s Local Required Effort — the $70,000 would be counted towards that additional requirement.
Supervisor Mike Maynard questioned where the unanticipated revenue came from.
Sweet said it was from reimbursements the school system had received that could not be applied to this fiscal year.
“They are not tax dollars,” Sweet said of the money.
Maynard then questioned if the school system would claim the supervisors “cut their budget” next year if they only appropriated the LRE again and did not include the extra $70,000.
Thomas said there would be no such claim made.
Having no further comments, Maynard motioned to approve the additional appropriation. The motion was seconded by Supervisor Joe Vaughan and passed unanimously.