Grants have benefitted county

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Thinking about November’s election, I have come to the conclusion that Grayson County residents are fortunate to have someone as capable, dedicated and knowledgeable as Richard Vaughan as our sheriff.
It’s easy to point out many areas in which Sheriff Vaughan excels and where his leadership improves law enforcement in Grayson County.
His professionalism, integrity, and investigative skills come readily to mind. These are obvious.
What is not obvious, and is unknown by many, is Sheriff Vaughan’s unique ability to secure external grants to fund many of the improvements.
His understanding of the grant process has resulted in the addition of critical capabilities, equipment and services to the sheriff’s department without costing Grayson County citizens any of our precious tax dollars.
As one who has spent much of his career writing research and grant proposals, I genuinely understand how challenging this can be.
Yet, Sheriff Vaughan is very successful in securing funding for his department. This includes a grant to purchase three new squad cars, grants to purchase new office computers as well as computers for all vehicles, a grant for bullet-proof vests and a grant for automated external defibrillators, to list a few.
What a bargain for Grayson County. We have a sheriff who not only upgrades and improves the department, but takes the initiative to find outside funding to do it. I think we need to keep Sheriff Vaughan in office for a long, long time.
Kim W. Baughman, Ph.D.
Elk Creek