Grant center needs assistance

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The Grant Community Computing Center needs friends.
In order to transition into becoming its own entity, we need to create a “Friends of the Computer Center” group of individuals who understand the value of the computer center and know that the center needs community support to survive.
The mission will be to extend the computer center’s capacity through dollar gifts, volunteer and program support, and through advocacy.
With creation of this group we will be able to complete our 501c3 filing and seek grant funding. We will be in a more competitive position for grants if we can show we receive tangible support from people who use and benefit from the computer center.
Politically, when the case needs to be made, the group will be the most able to step up and speak out as a vested interest group.
As the friends group is open to any interested party, we will first need to create the “Friends of the Computer Center Board.”
I am seeking excited and interested parties to help establish the group. Key members with experience in other boards, marketing experience, fund raising experience, or foundation experience are asked to express interest in leadership roles.
Roles of the board include administrative work and strategic planning. Overall goals of the group will include creation of a strong volunteer force, fundraising, promotion, and advocacy.
I’ve said before, “I do everything I can think of to ensure the computer center is successful, but ultimately it comes down to the community and support of the computer center users. How bad do we need these resources? How much are you willing to do to help us keep it going?”
I beseech my friends, supporters, and interested parties to come out and help make a difference.
Scarlett McGrady