Grandmother performs emergency delivery of grandson at home

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"I believe that we all have God-given instincts. We just have to stay calm and listen to them," said Angela Crowder, who had to deliver her daughter's baby when she went into premature labor Dec. 3.



A little over a week since the incredible events of her son’s birth, Channing Durham-Hill sat on her couch cradling her healthy baby boy, Hudson Paige Hill.
Proud grandmother Angela Crowder looked on with an expression of pure relief and happiness.
And with good reason: on Dec. 3, Hill, who was pregnant with her third child, went into premature labor, which progressed so quickly that Crowder had to deliver her own grandson before the paramedics arrived.
“I just thank the Lord that it happened on that day, or there’s no way I could have been here in time,” said Crowder, who happened to be down the street that day helping her mother, who had just been through surgery.
While she was there, Crowder received a frantic phone call from Shelby Warrick Shaffner, Hill’s grandmother with whom she, husband David Hill and their children share a home.
Hill had started feeling labor pains earlier that day, but she had dismissed them because the feeling was all-too-familiar. About a month prior, she had felt similar pain and went to the hospital twice, only to be observed and sent home with medication.
Her due date was in January, which was still a month away at the time.
“I just thought that the same thing was happening again, but it just kept getting worse,” said Hill.
When Crowder reached the home, David had already called an ambulance. However, everything moved quickly from that point on.
“I knew this one was worse when I ran into the house and heard her screaming,” said Crowder. “I got Channing over my shoulder and tried to lift her weight. David helped me carry her to the living room to wait on the ambulance, but she couldn’t wait any longer.”
A sense of calm came over Crowder as she realized that she would have to take charge. “I believe that we all have God-given instincts. We just have to stay calm and listen to them,” she said. “I asked David to bring me some towels, and 10 minutes later, we had a baby.”
Hudson was born at 10:30 a.m., weighing 5 pounds, 3 ounces.
The paramedics arrived just a few minutes after Hudson was born, Hill said.
“I can’t begin to thank everyone who came to help,” said Crowder.
Among the EMTs, Bobby Jones cleared the baby’s nose. Buddy Moore clamped the cord and let Crowder cut it. Elysa Sumner and Samantha Amburgey took care of Hudson while Channing was prepared to go to the hospital.
In a later text, Hill told her mother, “It was like I was a little girl again. I fell down, got a boo-boo, and you fixed me.”
Both mom and baby received a clean bill of health from the hospital. The family is happily celebrating their brand new addition, and  Crowder is excited to share the story of how she and Hudson first met in his baby book.