Good news, bad news

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By The Gazette

Carroll officials had to learn to take the bad with the good in education news in recent weeks.
While standardized testing and attendance reports show that the schools continue to realize respectable results, school and county officials received a major reversal of fortune as they tried to plan for future facility needs.
Educators would have finally been able to wrap up the more-than-a-decade-long facilities improvement program by adding the ninth grade to the high school and the sixth grade to the intermediate.
This effort was not an expansive, inflated, everything-under-the-sun building program, but a targeted list, honed down from an initial estimate of more than $90 million.
Educators decided they could address the most important needs with a scaled-down $26.7 million in improvements — enough to realign the grades at the two schools while turning over Woodlawn School to the county for community use.
But without the expected Rural Development funds coming through to support that effort, county officials have to retool.
County and school officials alike felt the federal funding was nearly a done deal and had proceeded with their plans. Other means may allow the schools to follow through on these ideas, but nothing is certain.
Still, educators make progress in their core mission, as supported by improving attendance, lowering drop-out rates and higher Virginia Standards of Learning test scores.
Though the two facilities may continue to need shoring up, the foundation of education in Carroll seems sturdy.