Golf game isn't newsworthy

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Breaking news: President Obama and Tiger Woods on the golf course. The news media shut out.
What does this matter to the ones out there struggling to make a living, pay bills, put food on the table and keep the family together?
Now the president and Congress are at loggerheads over spending cuts, taxes and sequestration threat that would threaten national security, food inspections, military and more.
Obama’s little speech to Congress and the American people didn’t bring much hope or reassure one to the many problems this country faces.
Some reports say Obama is trying to divide the GOP to play politics to the hilt. But the worst is our great nation is deeply divided, deep in debt with chaos, distrust and anger growing everyday by the American people.
Out enemies take notice. They are mocking, threatening war, spying and laughing at us.
In Libya when four Americans were killed, lies, cover up and an attitude by some they were considered “collateral damage.”
If ever the country needs prayer, strong leadership, straight talk about politics and coming together for the sake of all of us and the nation — it is now.
Let us not be like the sinking of the “Titanic.” Let’s not be sunk by ignorance, ego political strife or a hardnosed view “my way or the highway.
And by all means do not step in a political cow pile to stink up everything.
Prayers and thoughts to all who really care about this country, its problems and are a part that does something about it.
May the good Lord see us through these difficult times.
Mitchell Robinson