God can't be separated from our nation

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Editor's note: This letter is in response to an editorial in the Aug. 22-23 edition, about a religious discrimination lawsuit against Grayson, filed by a group that says religion was at the root of the county denying a zoning request.

In answer to the editorial that religion has no place…
For the past few years, everything that mentions God’s name or has God’s name on it has been the source of fighting and lawsuits.
It has come down to aspects such as our Pledge of Allegiance. Why should we not pay respect to God for all His help?
He was the one that has made this nation and has always been there to clear up our mistakes. His name should be praised.
A new Associated Press poll shows that Americans support the Pledge’s reference to God. Nine in ten people said that our God belongs in the pledge despite First Amendment questions about separation of church and state.
I don’t know how anyone could be offended by God or say that there is no God. Normally, God’s name brings a calming effect on a person’s heart unless there is something that is being hidden. Everything on this earth is in God’s hands.
I don’t know how some people can say that they can’t see God. He is everywhere, if the person looks with an open heart.
To view a sunset, He is there. He is heard in a clap of thunder. He is certainly in the face of a child and in the hug of an elderly person.
Don’t make the mistake of thinking He doesn’t exist or that He isn’t alive, because there is too much evidence to say otherwise.
The absence of God has been brought on by mankind. The ones called atheist are nothing more than dark Satan’s angels. All the devil wants is to plant doubts in the minds of God’s children.
God will prevail. If I had my way, God’s name would be on everything from cans of food to caps and gowns. It would be on the underside of airplanes so it could be seen. The statement “one nation, under God” — there is nowhere I would rather be.
Yes, religion has a place. Because God is already there.
Kathy M. Isom