Goad would bring youth to board

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As of March, Gerald Goad announced that he would be running for Pipers Gap District supervisor in Carroll County.

I recently had the honor of getting to know him and want to express how much he is dedicated to helping the youth of this county.

I had a government project in which we had to list each candidate and a few facts about them. I was struggling to find facts about the candidates and Goad’s special friend, Cleo Vernon (who is also my best friend), suggested that I go to Goad for help.

He took time to sit down and help me with this project. I learned an abundant amount of information about government and what causes the candidates were dedicated to.

Thanks to Mr. Goad and his helpful information and dedication to helping me, I received an exceptional grade on the project.

The youth of this county need to know that their voice can and will be heard. Youth that can vote are the voice and future of Carroll County.

These young adults will help decide who the next president will be and who will even be supervisor for a certain district. I want to have candidates who are willing to listen to youth and let them know that their vote matters. I want to know that we are not just uninformed teenagers.

However, if we are uninformed, we need dedicated candidates to help us become informed, so we know exactly what and who we are voting for.

Mr. Goad is the perfect role model for the candidate described above. He is helping the youth and getting us involved in the election.

Whether it is taking time to help me with my government project or getting today’s youth informed and involved with the election, Gerald Goad is a dedicated candidate who cares about what the youth of today has to say.

Nicole Farris