Galax woman's inspiring story included in new book

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Cindy Halley, founder of GODpillow, is part of "The Faces Behind the Pages that Inspire."

By April Wright, Reporter

Cindy Halley of Galax is sharing her story of hope and inspiration through the book, “The Faces Behind the Pages that Inspire.”
Halley owns GODpillow in downtown Galax, embroidering words of courage and motivation onto pillows of prayer. GODpillow promotes healing through prayer and meditation.
Starting in October, Halley and dozens of other women will travel around the country and around the world, leading people on a journey as they tell their inspirational stories.


A Victim No More: Women’s Victory Tour will begin in Orlando, Fla., on Oct. 13. Then, the tour will venture to Europe in 2014.
Halley’s story is featured in a book compiled by author Lori Rekowski.
When Rekowski, who has also written a spiritually empowering book, “A Victim No More,” discovered Facebook, she became curious about the people who post inspiring stories. She set out on a mission to find the people behind the Facebook pages.
“For years, I’ve done my best to listen, pray, meditate and ask for guidance that would allow me to do work that would help me to heal others in a way that is in the highest good for the concern of all others,” said Rekowsi. “In the process of practicing this, I am always blessed. This project has been no exception.”
“The Faces Behind the Pages that Inspire,” which includes the stories of 33 inspiring souls, is now available on Amazon.com.
Rekowsi met Halley, who travels to trade shows selling pillows, and was so touched by her story that she asked to include it in the book and for Halley to come along on the tour.
Throughout her 20s and 30s, Halley suppressed the pain from her childhood with drugs and alcohol. She lived a fast-paced life.
One day she woke up and found herself isolated from family, life and God, she said.
“I wasn’t aware of how I lived or how I got there,” she said. “I was clueless.”
The abnormal became normal, she said. She said she never knew there was anything wrong.
“When you go through a painful life, you don’t have the tools to carry you through the pain,” said Halley. “You get addicted to your own story.”
Halley found that she needed to forgive by letting go of any hope for a better past.
At age 38, someone told Halley she needed to pray. She dropped to her knees and asked God for help.
Life literally brought her to her knees, she said.
“I realized that I was never alone,” she said. “You can overcome obstacles through a spiritual awakening. There is no problem in the world that doesn’t have a spiritual solution.”
Halley, now 52, began GODPillow nine years ago and opened a store in downtown Galax about five years ago when she moved here from Florida. These pillows — which have devotional messages embroidered on them such as “First things first” to remind her to pray each morning — are gentle reminders and words of inspiration to boost the spirit and reflect on life.
“How do we grow to be the people we were meant to be?” she asked. “We need to ask God for help.”
Halley said she asks God to help her see what she needs to see and hear what she needs to hear.
“By telling my story, this is a way I can pay it forward,” said Halley. “Someone has helped me, and maybe I can help someone else.”
Since developing a relationship with God, she said her life is more complete. But she takes the time each morning to pray and ask God to guide her through her day.
“At the end of the day, I get on my knees and say, ‘Thank you,’” said Halley. “That is the best part.”
Halley said part of creating a spiritual connection is showing love for others by getting involved in the community. Halley is a volunteer for PUSH Ministries and the Galax Downtown Association.