Funding student opportunities

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The board of supervisors has the opportunity to help students of Carroll County by providing funds the state has denied.
Each program that may be cut has the potential to impact a student’s life. In fact, it was one of these programs that allowed me to find my career.
An art class provided by the school system influenced my future more than I could have imagined when I started school that year.
I had always liked art projects growing up, so when I had the opportunity to take a class at Carroll County Intermediate, I jumped at the chance.
The  teacher taught us about making art, but also about the lives of famous artists. While my own artistic skills are quite shaky, I became fascinated with the stories of how artists lived and worked.
I then learned that people actually studied these stories for a career and after high school I chose to major in art history at The College of William & Mary.
While in college, I shifted my focus from artists to architects and decided to earn my master’s degree in architectural history at the University of Virginia.
Through all this I have not forgotten Carroll County Public Schools. My thesis at UVa discussed school architecture in the 1930s and featured a chapter on the intermediate school.
Without the art class that was offered at that very school, I am not sure I would have found my calling in art and architectural history — an area of study that I find incredibly fascinating.
I hope that the board of supervisors will fully fund the school budget next year, so that other Carroll County students will have the same opportunities our school system  provided for me.
Laurin Goad