Fries needs new leadership

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The reason Fries is in a mess due to the lack of leadership, planning and downright greed.
Fries is not a resort community. Fries is a wonderful place to live, with much to offer in the way of beauty and the kindness of citizens.
I am not running for office. My concern is only for Fries and the people.
A benefit paid for by citizens is garbage collection. Collection has been modified by town council to satisfy the wants of our garbage contractor.
Town council approved a policy that forces citizens to dump garbage at Main Street. Now instead of collecting the garbage from alleyways and keeping streets clean, we are forced to make our town a dump.
Roads are in dire need of repair. We are paying for water we do not use. What is the benefit to conserve water? Is this legal?
This is stealing from people that can barely afford to live, much less pay for water they don’t use. Are we paying for water that others refuse to pay for? Who approves these decisions? Fries Town Council.
I will support a new town council that is capable of pre-planning and making good decisions that will remedy problems that are affecting the community.
The community is in great need of leadership that will promote the town’s best interest. The guidance we so strongly need is not in the council we have now. We need change. We need new perspective.
As council, you say we are in a mess. You don’t appear to be getting anywhere. Maybe it would be best for Fries to have leaders that will get the job done.
These are just a few of many challenges we face. I encourage every citizen to call the mayor and council members and demand change.
What is important is to fix the streets and charge us a fair price for services. Not golf carts.
Two important questions to ask the man with the golf cart. When was the pothole fund created, and in that amount of time how much money has been generated for this fund?
Travis F. Blevins