Flaccavento knows how to get things done

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Why I support Anthony Flaccavento for Congress:
I’ve heard him speak in person several times. Because of what he says, I was converted from being a cynic to a believer — in Anthony Flaccavento.
He is not a politician. He thoughtfully, directly answers all questions put to him.
He never says “Let me say this about that” or any of those other evasive phrases politicians use when you know they’re going to avoid giving you a direct answer. Anthony is a straightforward, honest man.
Anthony has worked and will continue to work for all the people of this district. He promises to preserve and strengthen Medicare for seniors (I like that) and for future retirees (like that too, for my children).
Anthony has the support of the United Mine Workers of America, AFL-CIO, SEIU, and the Alliance for Retired Americans.
He also has the support of our former Rep. Rick Boucher who worked so hard for so many years for our district.
Anthony has worked on community economic and environmental development in central Appalachia for the past 25 years.
He founded Appalachian Sustainable Development that became a regional and national leader in sustainable economic development.
He believes we can create jobs and build our economy, both locally and nationally, by investing in small businesses, healthy farms and community banks. That’s how economies (and everything else) grow: from the ground up!
Anthony and his family live in our 9th District near Abingdon where they operate a successful organic farm. As a descendant of generations of farmers, I have a special and added respect for the Flaccaventos.
I feel honored and fortunate that Anthony is willing to, wants to, serve the people of the 9th District, to represent us in Congress.
He’s a smart man and knows how to get things done. I feel very positive about what he’ll accomplish for us in Washington, DC.
On Nov. 6, vote for Anthony Flaccavento. We’ll all be glad you did.
Lenora H. Rose
Mouth of Wilson