Firm chosen to market natural gas

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By Christopher Brooke, Reporter

HILLSVILLE — Mohawk has chosen a natural gas marketer as construction will soon draw to a close on the service line, the Carroll Industrial Development Authority learned at its March 4 meeting.
Dennis Cole has been heading up Carroll County’s effort to connect the manufacturing plant to the Patriot pipeline as a job retention project.
He reported the nearly 1,000-foot gas line bore under Main Street has wrapped up. That leaves installation under Cherry Street in order to reach BMI/Sprague Electric and taking the line down West Grayson Street.
East Tennessee Natural Gas required a structure to go over the concrete slab at the tap, which was a last-minute detail.
Beyond that, little work remains to get the service line finished.
“So, basically, you’re saying that by the time we have our next meeting, gas will be flowing... hopefully?” IDA member Barry Hicks asked.
“Construction will be complete,” Cole answered.
But, unexpected things could always come up from East Tennessee or the State Corporation Commission, he added.
County Administrator Gary Larrowe reported that Mohawk has chosen Texican to be its natural gas supplier.
“Since they’re the customer with 99.99 percent of the usage  — guess what?  —  they get to end up choosing who they’re going to be using,” Larrowe said.
Others who sign on for service will be expected to go with Texican, he said. County officials are considering heating the governmental center with natural gas.
Mohawk sought several marketers, but only got responses from two — Texican or Atmos Energy, the provider who had permission to serve this region for years but didn’t make any progress. Larrowe guessed that these operations were too small to attract other companies.
But the county administrator seemed happy with the choice. “Texican had a wonderful presentation and program... They know what they’re doing.”