Firefighters, police rescue man from roof

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Galax emergency crews and police had to subdue a man who would not come down from a three-story roof of an apartment house at 111 Painter Street on Tuesday.

Police officers used ladders to scale the steep roof and talked to the man for several minutes. If they approached, he would edge closer to the deadly drop off the back side of the house.

Mostly he sat, talking loudly, wrapped in a white towel.

Eventually, police officers and Galax Fire Chief David Hankley tackled the combative man, using tasers several times to subdue him.

The first jolt of electric current took the man down, but he fought back and struggled on the roof's slope, requiring officers to hit him multiple times with tasers.

Firefighters then secured him to a back board and used the department's 100-foot ladder truck to safely remove him from the roof and bring him down to the street. Firefighters had to swing the massive ladder horizontally across Painter Street, missing overhead utility lines and a dormer of a house next door by mere inches.

Police then took the man away to Twin County Regional Hospital's emergency room. Galax Police Chief Rick said the man will undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

Clark said officers do not plan to charge the man. Therefore, the Gazette is not releasing his name.

There are no indications at this time that the man was a resident of or under treatment at The Life Center of Galax facility across the street from his apartment.

Watch www.galaxgazette.com for more information and see Friday's edition of The Gazette.