Fire wasn't start of 'zoning war'

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My daughter recorded a radio broadcast that aired before the January meeting of the Grayson County Board of Supervisors meeting and signed off as “paid for by Concerned Citizens of Grayson County.”
The pro-zoning side now uses this name to watch and investigate the supervisors. The true concerned citizens are the ones that are worried about not having freedom to do things on their land.
Someone said our pallet business was not only in violation of zoning, but also in violation of building and fire codes. I have all of the documentation to prove that our business was shut down solely due to zoning.
For example, if it didn’t have to do with zoning, why were we not able to do pallets in the field? If we were in violation of the building and fire codes, why did [Building Inspector] Jimmy [Moss] not need to come inspect? Why were we never informed of being in said violation?
Then I heard we didn’t pay taxes on equipment that we only had for a few months, which burned as the result of arson.
My husband (Terry Combs) was also asked to take a polygraph by some zoning supporters because he was suspected in burning down our own building that had priceless memories and $103,000 worth of possessions, none of which were insured!
They also claimed that they heard Terry burned down our building to start the “war on zoning.” I don’t know what kind of fun everyone else thinks this battle is, but we don’t find it enjoyable. On top of that, why would someone burn down their uninsured building, which held possessions from your children’s childhood and late father’s memorabilia?
We’re waiting for the next dishonest story.
Melissa Combs