Finding editorial enlightenment

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Being born and raised in Grayson County, but away for the past 30 years, I am scheduled to return shortly to retirement.
Thanks to the enlightenment in a recent guest editorial, I am able to draw factual conclusions concerning Laura George’s proposal to build the Oracle Institute in Grayson County.
It is difficult to perceive the opposition she received from evangelistic groups.
How can those who profess to believe in Christ and the cross attempt to do what God chose not to do? God chose to give every human the right to choose between Christ and or choice. We abandon our opportunity to evangelize.
We have to realize absolutely nothing in Christ’s service is left to mere human judgment or self judgment.
Judgment should be rendered according to the whole word of God. Not merely by perverting it to one’s own satisfaction.
Faith in Christ is the ingredient needed to solve all disputes between human spiritual mind. Faith in connection with God’s will.
Prayer and faith is the most powerful of all sources of direction.
I can imagine the number of pastors, preachers, teachers, and deacons represented in this evangelical group opposing the Oracle Institute — this group being established in faith and in Christ, and the cross.
Seemingly you have abandoned what you promised to uphold. Self righteous people have a destructive effect when it comes to Gospel and judgment.
Methods used to solve disputes mentioned earlier are contrary to God’s teaching. You have created an atmosphere of questionable concern.
How effective are those who are of the highest-called to edify the body of Christ, and the spiritual building of the church? How effective are you in accurately delivering the word of God?
Pastors, deacons and others whom have chosen the responsibility of keeping the church will be judged more strictly.
Lack of faith leaders of the church display not only have a detrimental effect on their ability to uphold Christ and the cross, but tremendous effect on the whole congregation. You have a God-given opportunity to develop a mind change in those whom you oppose.
Patsy Monroe