Find a rational solution

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Well, here we go again. The same person that recently cited the President of the United States as the anti-Christ now wants to declare an all-out war against Muslims. Does paranoia have no limits?
This person stated in a recent letter to the editor on Oct. 23, that “all that is in the news today is about rioting, killing and taking over the countries by Muslims.”
Quick, check the closets — there may be one in there.
I can only assume that if the writers agenda is followed, there would be even more news about rioting, killing by both Christians and Muslims.
Another concern [expressed by the letter writer] is that the “Muslim religion is on the rise and America is going down fast.” And further, “our schools have stopped prayer in the schools and that Christianity is in grave danger in this country.”
Really? Is another unnecessary war the answer?
I’d like to point out a document called the Constitution that our great country was founded on, and which has an amendment that states there will be a separation of the church and state.
Simply put, this means for the government to stay out of the church and the church to stay out of government.
This may not be convenient to your conversations, but it is the law.
And finally, the writer stated that “as America stands now, it looks like it will be one religion and one ruler of the world unless it is stopped.”
It’s unclear what needs to be stopped.
In my opinion, starting a holy war and going back to the 11th Century to the crusades to save Christianity from the Muslims is not the correct thing to do.
I’m sure a more rational solution can be used to calm your everyday fears.
Tommy Daniel
Sparta, N.C.