Financial dealings were questionable

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Mark Burnett’s letter published Oct. 12 in The Gazette highlights only one of the many questionable financial dealings reported to take place in the Grayson County government.

It is revealing that Burnett had to file a Freedom of Information Act request to obtain what should be a very public and openly obtainable document, and then discovered a multitude of contractual [questions] by the sheriff’s office exposed by the document.

It is also despicable that Burnett and his campaign have been bad mouthed and harassed by supporters of the current sheriff. Much to Burnett's credit, he has chosen to take the high road and not respond in kind.

I know Mark Burnett to be a good, truthful, honorable person with an extensive history in effective law enforcement, who I will gladly vote for as the next sheriff of Grayson County

Hopefully, he will be able to break through the bureaucratic smokescreen and bring some real transparency to the sheriff's office and Grayson County government.

Joe Snyder