Family honors ancestor

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In May 2012, my husband and I dedicated a new tombstone in the Archelous Cornett Cemetery at Elk Creek.
The tombstone is inscribed with the names of James Cornett and brother, David. James’ original tombstone was broken many years ago and his brother David never had one, as far as anyone knows.
However, it is believed that David is buried in this same cemetery along with his wife, Sarah Adaline Platt, because David and James grew up on this land, their parents are buried in this cemetery and it is named for their brother.
In January 2013, I submitted a supplemental membership for approval by the Daughters of the American Revolution, which was approved. Now David is a DAR Patriot as well as his brother, James.
Without the help of God, others who are related to me, those who work in Grayson County government, and SAR/DAR members, employees and volunteers, I wouldn’t have succeeded in making David a patriot.
Thank you to all of you for effort to get David the recognition he deserves for helping to win independence for America.
Last September, I was blessed to meet Tommy Cornett, the fifth great-grandson of James, about seven miles from where I live in Texas.
When I heard the name Cornett that day and then heard he was from Elk Creek and his ancestor was James, I was so happy that we had met in a country community, where my husband grew up, finally.
Tommy is a member of SAR through his Patriot James and thanks to the work of his wife, Janie, will soon be a member of DAR through his patriot, James.
Tommy grew up in Texas. His family, descended through William Cornett and left Elk Creek a long time ago. He is my only blood relative in Texas and I couldn’t be happier to know this Cornett fifth cousin and his wife, Janie.
To view my May 15, 2012 dedication of the new tombstone, see www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMF6L9DQN0A. Feel free to contact me at (678) 232-9258.
Doris Leifeste
Gonzales, Texas