Fall leaves are great for gardening

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 Fall leaves disposal can be a real problem for some folks who do not garden.

But for those of us who do garden, they are an excellent amendment to the soil, if shredded and tilled into the soil in fall.

Shredded leaves act like a giant sponge to retain water during dry periods and draw earthworms in large numbers, whose castings add nutrients to the soil.

Leaves contain trace amounts of various elements, mined from the sub-soil, which are essential to plant growth.

I am an avid vegetable gardener, who has a community supported agriculture business, and I will gladly pick up your clean bagged leaves.

In fact, if you have at least 30 bags of clean leaves (no garbage, debris, evergreens, or walnut leaves) I will gift to you a jar of our seedless fruit jam. I can also use any bagged pine needles that you want to dispose of.

Why pay seven dollars to dispose leaves at the landfill, or worse yet, pollute our air by burning them. Just give me a call at (276) 728-7854, and I will schedule a pick-up of your bagged leaves.

I use them as a primary additive to my compost, so I would appreciate your request to pick up clean bagged leaves.

John Lynch

Silver Maples Farm, Hillsville