Experience the people, sights and music in Fries

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Former newspaper columnist Stephanie Blevins writes about her love of Fries.

Just beyond the river's edge, nestled upon the banks, lies a hint of paradise called Fries.
A hidden array of cottages where the treasure of times long gone still exist.
In a world that rushes through like an angry hurricane, what a blessing to be able to find a place that lingers like a summer breeze.
The people in this little town take time to smile and talk. The basic rule here is to wave at everyone and to be caring.
A refreshing place to live and a glorious place to visit.
The river flows at a languid pace, devoid of sterile time and space.
A mighty sound seeps through my shades and lulls me to sleep like the ocean's waves.
I awake to a life filled with bliss and treasure my moments in this sacred abyss.
Come visit our shores and appreciate moments of selflessness, kindness and nature's bounty. I dare to reveal this timeless gem to outsiders; however, secrets like this are hard to hold.
Come wander our streets and trails like a friend and experience the amenities that lie within.
Come visit our world, the welcome mats are here.
Festivals, music, hiking, canoeing, biking and wonderful churches galore.
Thursday nights offer stellar music at the jam sessions, held from 6-9 p.m. The best entertainment I have found, for donations only.
If absorbing nature is your forte, a trail that follows a mighty river is available daily.
A beautiful turn-of-the-century church is a wonderful way to spend a Sunday morning. Fries Methodist Church was built in 1902 and is still as beautiful and welcoming as it was 110 years ago.
It offers breathtaking stained glass, original woodwork and the kindest congregation that I have ever experienced.
Please come and experience this amazing place.
Take a deep breath and relax.
You shall receive a warm welcome and a friendly smile.