Exhibiting traits of the Anti-Christ

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Christians know that the Bible says that by their fruits you will know them.
I now want to ask a very serious question. If a self-professed Christian signed and supports a bill for partial-birth abortion, what would you think?
In this abortion, the baby’s head is delivered but the body is left in the birth canal. The doctor then takes a sharp object and rams it into the back of the baby’s head where the neck joins the skull. This kills the living baby.
Sounds like murder doesn’t it? Which it is. This so-called Christian also supports homosexual marriage and even throws them a party at taxpayers’ expense!
These two things are an abomination to the Almighty Living God!
His administration has had more than a few scandals in his term of office. He, in the last three years, has not kept one of his promises.
Also, did you know that taxpayers dollars are being sent to the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt? At the same time, all debt owed by them to the U.S. is wiped clean. He claims to be a Christian, but have you heard the name of Jesus come out of his mouth? You won’t, either.
You probably know by now who I am talking about, the great Barack Obama. All of the above things, Obama has put in motion. All of these things are the principles of the Anti‑Christ.
Now, back to the question I asked at the start: is this the fruits of a Christian or of the devil? Think about all of this before you vote in November.
Also, I would like to say that it was Bill Clinton who sent our jobs overseas. It was called NAFTA.
Kathy M. Isom