'Everyday Math' is not for everybody

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 I would like to comment about the “Everyday Math” program being used by the Carroll County school system. I am disappointed with results I am seeing. Its technique of introducing a method, then moving on without mastering it and reintroducing it later seems ineffective. The kids who are good at math get it the first time but the other kids are lost.

The school tutoring system cannot spend enough time with each child to help them get what they are missing. A private tutor cannot help because they are not familiar with how this program works. 

The classroom books with examples can’t be brought home by each child because there are not enough books. The same book is shared by three classes of children.

I understand that other school systems that have started this program have stopped using it after the first year. Why?

How much money was spent on this program that leaves many kids struggling? It is at a great cost to our children’s self esteem.

It does not seem to prepare the kids for the type of questions that will be on Standards of Learning tests.

When this program lowers scores on the SOL tests, then maybe we can find a program that really works for all of the children. 

I hope other parents will voice concerns to administrators, because I think that the teachers are caught in the middle of this issue. Teachers hear our complaints but cannot change the program. Only the administration can.

It would be tough to be told to teach a program that you don’t have faith in, but your job depends on SOL performance.

Debbie Bullen