Elk Creek residente concerned about crime

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Why hasn’t the rash of recent burglaries in the Elk Creek section of Grayson County been addressed?
On July 10 between 3 and 9:30 p.m. my home was broken in to. Every spot was checked and jewelry and knives were stolen. I’m not finished with the lost inventory.
In speaking with neighbors, I discovered there have been break-ins in [multiple] places in Elk Creek and one in Fries.
Anything that can’t be nailed down is hauled off from homes, barns, garages. Even dogs have offered no protection.
Evidently there must be a casing going on, because the thieves know when no one is home. Break-ins are happening day and night.
Be aware of what and who is around you and protect your possessions.
Theresa Rogers
Elk Creek

Editor’s note: The Gazette ran an article last week about the break-ins. The Grayson Sheriff’s Department is seeking information about the crimes. Sheriff Richard Vaughan said suspects have gained entry into unoccupied homes through unlocked doors and windows. There have also been several thefts of unsecured ATV’s reported in the area. Vaughan asks anyone with information concerning the break-ins to contact the sheriff’s department at (276) 773-3241 or 911 in case of an emergency.