Elderly, disabled can't afford high prices

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Dear President Obama:
This letter is for all the elderly and disabled people in this country.
These people are going to starve to death if something isn’t done about sky-high prices on everything.
They give us a so-called “cost of living adjustment,” then go up on Medicare, supplement insurances, food, medicine and gas. We are actually worse off than before the so-called raise.
One of the biggest things wrong is letting them take God out of everything. We turn our backs on God and he will turn away from our country.
You all went wrong when you started sending all the jobs overseas. We need jobs back in this country.
If we got 300 jobs, they brag about it. But when they turn around and close another business and lay off 2,000 employees, this still leaves 1,700 unemployed.
I am on disability. I have rheumatoid arthritis and am not able to work. If I were, you can bet I would much rather be working.
We get checks once a month. By the time we pay bills, buy about $60 worth of groceries, medicines we need and gas for necessary trips, we are broke for the rest of the month.
The $60 in groceries has to do us for as long as we can make it do, then we are out of food for at least half the month.
Now I hear that gas may go up to $4 or more a gallon. If this happens, that’s going to cause everything else to go up even more. If something isn’t done about these skyrocketing prices, poor people can’t make it.
There are a lot of poor people in this country. Not just wealthy and middle class. Most of them are voters. Our country has always helped other countries and that’s a good thing. However, our country is in trouble and we need to be helped first.
Think about what God would do. Let him guide you and you will never go wrong. Please put a freeze on these high prices and help the poor people of this country.
Yvonne B. Jones