Down home kindness displayed in Grayson

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On July 29 my precious Uncle B.F. was laid to rest in the Harrington Cemetery in the Bethel Community of Grayson County.
In recent years, my dad and my Aunt Mary were laid to rest there as well. I would like to express a special thank you to Reins-Sturdivant for taking such wonderful care of our families during those times.
I would also like to say with deepest sincerity a thank you to the folks along the roads from Independence to Bethel.
Their kindness uplifted and touched me during those long drives to the cemetery. Drivers turned on their lights and stopped on the side of the road to show respect to people most probably didn’t know.
One man came out of the store and took time to take off his cap.
Now this might not mean much to those of you reading this article, because it’s just what you do, but where I come from a couple of hours down the road, they just don’t do that.
Thank you all for making what were sad days for me into days that I realized that there is still respect and thoughtfulness, and just good ole down home kindness.  
There is nothing like Grayson County!
Elizabeth T. Rider