Don't wait for rescue

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Calls to the Hotline regarding the job situation in the Twin County area slay me.
We seem to have a sizeable part of our citizenry who sit on their duffs waiting for someone else to “rescue” them by coming into this area and “giving” them jobs.
The adage, “God helps those who help themselves,” comes to mind here.
In years past, before I retired, whenever I found myself without a job, the very first thing I did was make a list of my talents, interests and work experience that I might parlay into income. I followed that with another list of avenues to accomplish that task.
If our schools would teach practical skills, like woodworking, farming, and mechanical repair for the boys along with cooking, sewing, and parenting responsibilities to the girls, and make them mandatory classes, instead of focusing on how to operate a calculator and a computer, our children would have the skills to create their own jobs.
And if we trained our children to seek out a need in the community — a service or product — and take strides to meet that need, we wouldn’t be sitting around waiting for someone else to come give us a job.
Our communities would be self-sustaining, with very few of our young ones moving out of the area.
It is not the responsibility of big corporations to move here and give us jobs. It’s our responsibility to find a need in our community and fill it in a way that gives us our own jobs.
That’s what built America in the first place. We seem to have lost that skill.  What a sad epitaph to our country!
Lynn Merrell
Elk Creek