Don't undo county progress with zoning repeal

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To the Grayson County Supervisors:
I have lately been a bit concerned with the actions and attitudes of you, our county representatives. There seems to be a divide between you that mirrors some of the same syndromes we see on both a state and national level, politically.
The two views that seem to be on display are:
1. That government is too big and needs to be downsized by any means possible. 2. Government is how we, by majority, design and implement courses of action that never please everyone, but serve to do the most good for the most people.  
Grayson County zoning policy seems to be a current hot button issue.
I keep hearing statements like “zoning was crammed down our throats and we must get rid of it.” Our democracy is a participatory democracy, meaning that we decide for ourselves how to live within the laws of our state and the nation. No one made us adopt zoning regulations. It was a long, carefully thought-out, struggle by us, the people, to come up with a zoning plan that we thought was best for the county and its future.
If, after following the rules and regulations that we have created, we decide to change such regulations, then so be it, but the uninformed and usually uninvolved should not be the ones driving this process.  
I get the feeling that folks that spout such “tear it down” rhetoric are not really paying attention to anything but their own frustrations of the moment. It’s always easier to blame others.
County leaders who take advantage of such close-mindedness and confusion to bolster their position should be ashamed.
Please respect the work that we have accomplished over the years as we have tried to make Grayson County a place to be proud of.  
William Roberts
Elk Creek