Don't put words in God's mouth

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Did God say that? Over the past several years it has become popular for people to put cute sayings and opinions on a church sign or elsewhere and sign God’s name, suggesting, or pretending, that “God” said it.
It is usually done in good humor. But I wonder if God thinks it’s funny?
People should have more reverence and fear than to do this sort of thing. God doesn’t need any help. Just tell the people exactly what “HE” said. If you dare.
Here’s a good rule to go by. If you are going to blame God for saying what is on your sign, it should be a “direct” quote from the Holy Scriptures, word for word. And nothing more.
Like Psalms 9:17 that says, “The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.”
Now there’s you a direct quote that God said. And that would certainly include America. A nation that is quickly falling from grace. And judgment is even now being served.
All this other foolishness just might be forgery.
Lonnie Malcomb