Don't contaminate drinking water

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Before contaminating the Independence public water supply with sodium fluoride, please, dear public, investigate the precautions and dangers associated with this very questionable substance. A bit of research will reveal that sodium fluoride, a by-product of the munitions industry after World War II, is a known toxin to humans. Its use in the public water supply has actually been linked to an increase in hip fractures and osteoporosis, cancers, and genetic damage. Sodium fluoride inhibits the enzyme systems in the body and damages the immune system.
Before 1945 sodium fluoride was considered an environmental pollutant due to the fact that it was left over waste from the aluminum and phosphate fertilizer industries. It was expensive to clean up in the environment. This fluoride waste was devastating to crops and animals, and many lawsuits occurred as a result. After the war a major PR campaign somehow miraculously “transformed” the previously known toxicity of sodium fluoride to suddenly become the savior of our nation’s teeth. Subsequently, this poison was dumped into the public drinking water. The industries producing this toxic by-product made millions of dollars selling this pollutant to water companies and toothpaste manufacturers and saved billions in environmental clean-up expenses.
Calcium fluoride, a natural product, is good for the teeth; it hardens the enamel. Sodium fluoride is not healthy for tooth enamel; in fact it can cause mottling of the teeth, and bone cancer incidences have actually been known to increase in those populations getting it in their drinking water. And contrary to what was promised, studies of school age children have revealed no significant effect on the tooth decay rate through the use of sodium fluoride.
Many municipalities around the country are now requesting that sodium fluoride levels be lowered in their drinking water. Hopefully, one day that request will be to eliminate this poison altogether. Let’s not invite this problem into our community.
Victoria Daniel