DJ will be missed at WBRF-FM

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I am writing to you from Lincolnshire in the United Kingdom. I rarely write to newspapers and have never written to one in America. However because I feel this matter is so important I am writing to The Gazette.
Until a few months ago I had never heard of Galax. I didn't realize that Galax was also a “hub” to the world, a '”portal” over the airwaves that had listeners worldwide.
I discovered “the most unique ride on radio” in the form of The Nightrider (Bruce Hodges) on your station WBRF.
The Nightrider broadcasts with such sincerity and puts out messages that at times inspire, that sometimes kick-start listeners back to their Christian beliefs when they are despondent or sad, need a word or song to pick them up.
A broadcast with principles that stands up for what's right that plays music that strengthens rather that weakens.
It's very judgmental in the right sort of way, very patriotic and most of all has a family of listeners worldwide.
So you can imagine how I felt when I tuned in over the Internet last week to a message “show not available right now." Apparently the show was axed by a “controller.”
It's such a shame that in a much-troubled world this one semblance of sincerity in broadcasting is no more. To us in the U.K., we have always thought that our American cousins did things bigger and better. Well this action by WBRF proves that moral to be completely wrong.
As far as Bruce Hodges is concerned, his future is bright and soon he will be transmitting on a station with a firm Christian belief structure and he can once again outreach to the world. God bless you, Bruce.
I like your Web site layout and I will be watching with interest an announcement that we can tune in to the Nightrider at whatever station has the good sense to broadcast a much loved program.

Denny Steer
Lincolnshire, United Kingdom