Disagree, but be respectful

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I've often regarded the Readers’ Hotline as being similar to driving by a traffic accident — can't help but look, but after doing so I don't feel so good.
The comment in the Feb. 2 edition was over the line and I feel The Gazette showed poor taste in printing it.
I'm referring to the call by someone implying Mr. Goldwasser addressing his concerns to the Carroll supervisors, as "wanting to control everybody, vindictive, angry and hostile" and then even dragging his wife into it!
It is fine to disagree with what Mr. Goldwasser had to say, but it is disrespectful, to put it mildly, for anyone to assume the intentions of a citizen speaking their mind to government officials, and for the paper to print it.
It is my opinion if you are going to drag someone’s name through the mud in the newspaper, you should be required to sign your name to it.
I am neither for nor against the issues raised by Mr. Goldwasser. My concern is that printing mean-spirited anonymous calls directed at those willing to be involved in their communities could prevent citizens in the future from doing so, which would be unfortunate for our democracy.
Deborah Shell