Despite steep cost, curvy road at least needs warning signs

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By The Gazette

As Grayson County citizens sign a petition to get the Virginia Department of Transportation to erect better warning signs for unsuspecting truckers traveling on Comers Rock Road, people in Carroll County are no doubt feeling a little déjà vu.
It wasn’t too long ago when a similar petition was being passed around to warn truck drivers about Lambsburg Mountain off of Piper’s Gap Road. The steeply curving mountain was a common trap for unsuspecting truckers coming off of Interstate 77, thanks to GPS devices pinpointing it as the fastest way to their destination.
“Fast” doesn’t always equal safe, and unfortunately, truckers don’t always know what kind of road conditions to expect. And as far as technology has come, a GPS route or even printed directions don’t always give the best advice.
Now, the road in Grayson is the target of a petition drive.
Residents on Comers Rock Road warn truckers about the curves when they can, even going so far as to flag them down, but every driver doesn’t have the good luck to pass a considerate local before it’s too late.
A tractor-trailer blocking the road is not just an inconvenience for everyone involved. It could also be dangerous for residents who are dealing with an emergency.
While the cost of straightening the road is steep in its own right, brightly flashing signs could go a long way in solving the problem on Comers Rock Road.
In the interest of saving time, money or even lives, VDOT should already consider this issue a lesson learned.