Dentists insist we need more fluoride

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How fortunate we are to have area dentists share with local officials how badly we need more fluoride in our drinking water.
Even though the Centers for Disease Control says we are getting too much fluoride, our dentists insist that we need more.
Even though a Virginia Tech study shows that we are already getting too much fluoride in food and everything we drink, these dentists insist that we need more fluoride.
In spite of the fact that we have more dental fluorosis in America than at any time in the nation’s history, these dentists insist that we need more fluoride.
Am I missing something?
Dr. Bill Chameides of Duke University says dentists push fluoride to cover the real problem — they don’t want to treat poor people, even those on Medicaid, because they make more money treating you and me.
Dentists who continue to push fluoride do so because they are required by the American Dental Association, one of the more restricted and elite fraternities in America. Any dentist who fails to follow the policy of pushing fluoride is censored and chastised.
Dr. Hardy Limeback, head of one of the largest dental schools in North America, says there could be class action lawsuits against those who have pushed fluoride in public drinking water when none is needed.
Are dentists and local elected officials ready to live with the damage they will cause citizens when they install the fluoride pump?
Is winning an argument with the anti-fluoride delegation from Alleghany really worth being on the wrong side of history?
The rest of the world is getting rid of fluoride in drinking water. Is Independence on the verge of becoming a laughingstock?
Does Independence want to host lawsuits because of stubbornness to win a silly argument at all costs?
Surely decency and common sense dictate a saner approach… and surely we can all agree that to have pure, safe, uncontaminated mountain drinking water is a gift from God, we will protect what we have been given. Why would we ever do otherwise?
Keith Howell
Sparta, N.C.