The Decal Dilemma

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Though the idea is picking up steam and sweeping its way throughout the Commonwealth, Grayson County has scraped the idea of removing county decals from residents' windows.

The board was fortunate enough to have a neighbor to poke for answers in the City of Galax.

Galax removed the decals last year and city leaders have since said it was a move they should not have made.

With the sharp decrease in revenue, Galax advised against other localities doing the same.

Carroll decided last week to ditch the decals, but Grayson listened and voted to simply increase the fee.

The move was a smart one, as the change in Galax has appeared to negatively effect the budget greatly. With the majority of drivers renewing their licenses every two years, they could comfortably skip paying their personal property taxes for two years without penalty.

Grayson already runs a tight ship when it comes to government funds, and may not have been able to weather revenues less than expected.

Instead of removing the decal, county leaders discussed revamping the sticker to be more attractive and ease the pain of the yearly battle to scrape off the old sticker.

Perhaps Grayson could run a contest throughout the county, giving residents the chance to have their design picked and placed on their window — and maybe give the winner a free decal for life?

While other localities have jumped into the no-decal idea without testing the waters, Grayson held back and watched others before making a decision.

Just because the change is popular with citizens doesn't mean it's the right thing to do. Grayson may have been behind the ball, but in the end may have saved themselves money in the long run.