Davis convicted of more abduction charges

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Former ambulance driver already serving 28 years for rape of mentally handicapped woman

By Christopher Brooke, Reporter

WYTHEVILLE — A 61-year-old Ivanhoe man, already serving a 28-year sentence on a rape conviction in Carroll County, received another 25 years in prison for related convictions in Wythe County.
Alton Kenny Davis, a former driver for Guardian ambulance service, faced several charges in a Wythe County investigation that spread to Carroll County in 2008, involving Mount Rogers Industrial and Developmental Center clients.
Davis provided transportation services to the disabled through his position with Guardian.
In Wythe County, Davis faced three charges of abduction with the intent to defile and three charges of aggravated sexual battery due to the victim’s incapacity, according to court records.

He pleaded guilty to two of the abduction counts in Wythe County court. One count of abduction and all four counts of aggravated sexual battery were not prosecuted.
Of the 60-year sentence imposed by the court, the judge suspended 35 years, according to court records. The Wythe County sentence is to run concurrently with the one handed down in Carroll County.
Additionally, the court ordered Davis to pay $2,945 in costs and gave him 10 years worth of probation.
Davis, who lived on the Carroll side of Ivanhoe, was indicted by a Carroll grand jury in 2008.
According to the rape indictments issued by the Carroll grand jury, Davis was accused of having “sexual intercourse with a female... through the use of the complaining witness’s mental incapacity or physical helplessness.”
Davis took an 18-year-old IDC client to his home on one occasion and had sex with her, though she had the mental capacity of a 3 year old, according to testimony in his Carroll County Circuit Court trial.
The victim dated one incident back to the Fries Christmas parade, after which Davis drove her to his home, undressed her and had sex with her, though she told him to stop.
Davis worked for Guardian, which contracted to provide transportation services to Medicaid recipients that had no other means to get around, including some IDC workers. 
Guardian had a contract with LogistiCare, which handles a Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services outreach.
Davis drove the victim to the IDC and, “after business hours, Davis picked up the victim in his personal car in Wythe County and drove her to Carroll County where the crimes occurred,” according to information from the prosecutor’s office after Davis’ conviction in Carroll . “Davis admitted having relations with her to officers of the Wythe County Sheriff’s Department, but claimed the acts were consensual.”