Daddy's Little Hero

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MOUTH OF WILSON — Three-year-old Tyler Musick plays in the floor with his Thomas the Tank Engine train set, not realizing that what he did just days before could have saved his dad's vision.

On March 23, Tyler and his dad Troy were around their home in Mouth of Wilson. The two went across the street, where an old farm truck was parked.

It was around 6 p.m., and Troy lifted the hood to check an antifreeze hose on the truck.

When he did, the hose broke free, spraying the liquid in Troy's eyes.

After being temporarily blinded, Troy told his son, “Daddy's hurt, you're going to have to take me to Donnie's [a neighbor] on your four-wheeler.”

Fortunately, the two had brought the four-wheeler, and it was nearby.

The little boy not only helped his dad get on the four-wheeler, but then proceeded to drive him down the road to the neighbors house.

After reaching the neighbors, the Rugby Volunteer Rescue Squad was called and quickly responded to the scene.

Troy was taken to Twin County Regional Hospital, where his eyes were flushed with fluids.

The quick response enabled Troy's vision to be saved, although minor damage was done.

If Tyler had not responded so well, the damage to Troy's eyes could have become permanent.

Instead, he was left with second degree burns on his forehead and first degree burns around his eyes.

“Tyler is only a 3-year-old and a definite hero,” said Sarah Shaver, Troy's girlfriend. “He saved his dad's vision, not to mention he's a very smart little boy.”

When interviewed by The Gazette, Tyler was a bit shy and had little to say. He did, however, crack a big smile when told how grown-up it was that he helped bring his dad to help.

And thanks to Tyler, hid dad will be able to see that smile for years to come.