Cuccinelli has solid plans for economy

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I recently saw a Terry McAuliffe ad on television accusing Ken Cuccinelli of helping big corporations take money from property owners who are fighting for natural gas payments.
I think most Virginians have realized that these attacks by McAuliffe are baseless — not to mention outside the bounds of civil discourse that we respect in Virginia.
They also serve to show that McAuliffe is not a serious candidate. His strategy has been from day one to try to slander Ken Cuccinelli with attack ads financed by out-of-state interests, without preparing or presenting pragmatic plans to truly improve the commonwealth.
Instead, all of McAuliffe’s plans fall obediently in line with the usual Washington, D.C., liberal dogma.
Cuccinelli’s campaign, which unlike McAuliffe’s has included stops here in the Twin Counties, has introduced serious plans to improve education in Virginia.
He has laid out his plan to help our armed services veterans, and to prepare Virginians to compete for jobs. He has a real jobs plan that will improve unemployment and underemployment.
His plan to give small businesses an advocate in government will help level the playing field between small and large corporations. His energy plan will lower the burdens placed on Virginia energy, translating into lower costs at the pump, lower electric bills, and more energy to use expanding employment and opportunity.
Remember, McAuliffe is on record as saying as governor he would see to it that no more coal plants were ever built.
Cuccinelli has my vote because he has set forth a positive message focusing on pragmatic plans to improve Virginia — not on the dirty D.C. politics of personal destruction.
Unlike McAuliffe, Cuccinelli puts Virginians first. He has a proven record of standing up to Washington when the interests of citizens of Virginia dictate.
He will defend our individual liberties against the ever-growing intrusion upon them from the Obama administration.
When elected, Ken Cuccinelli will continue to do what is best for the citizens of Virginia above all else! Vote Cuccinelli for governor of Virginia.
Brandon Boyles