Crossroads gets new crossroads

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By Staff Reports


Construction is completed on a new road connecting Crossroads Institute's main campus on East Stuart Drive and the new Higher Education Center building on Cranberry Road in Galax.
The road was opened to the public Sept. 5 and eliminated the tricky left turn that used to be required when traveling to the Higher Education Center from the main building.
City Manager Keith Barker during construction that the road would serve two purposes: eliminating a left turn for those traveling in the direction of the Higher Ed Center from the main campus, and physically tying the two properties together.
"It made sense to connect them," Barker said, noting there was already a fiber broadband connection between the two locations prior to construction of the new road.
Crossroads Institute had this project in its  budget, but requested and received help from the city to make it a reality.
"They are using our equipment and manpower, and they are covering the cost of the material," Barker said earlier.
The left turn had been a common complaint heard by the city and the institute. One solution considered was to put in another traffic light. However, there were too many traffic light systems nearby to get approval for another.
In the end, the adjoining road became a more cost-effective and practical alternative. Barker noted that Crossroads was not charged for labor for the city's assistance. "We are trying to help them," he said.
Barker credited construction to Public Works director Charlie Joyce, Anthony Choate, and Claude Bowers.