Coyote bounty unnecessary

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I was raised to eat what I kill, except for termites and such, and I do not understand our Grayson County supervisors’ concern about coyotes eating deer. We have more than enough deer out by Gold Hill.
They are a pest! They wipe out my neighbors’ gardens and cause car wrecks. Even this time of year, I usually see at least three when I drive back from town in early morning or evenings.
I’ve seen whole carcasses dumped by the road, missing only the head, or sometimes just the rack gone. I hate the idea of making trophy sport for outsiders who come in with their 4-wheelers and enough ammo to start a war (maybe because they can’t shoot straight). Is this what we want for Grayson County?
I think that new supervisor is just trying to make himself popular by offering a cash bounty for killing coyotes. At my house we have more trouble with raccoons, which coyotes eat, than we do with coyotes. Eddie Rosenbaum is wasting our tax money.
Kyle Noble