Coyote bounty not supported by facts

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Grayson County supervisors Brewer, Rosenbaum and Sexton are not following Abraham Lincoln’s advice of “government of the people, by the people, and for the people.”
Mr. Rosenbaum said they have to appoint family members to tax-supported government positions because they don’t know enough people to fill those positions.
What a terrible admission, to say he doesn’t know many citizens in Grayson County. Is this why the tyrannical three ignore facts and the wishes of the majority of the people, and rush to stack the boards with those who agree with them?
Now these three have pushed through a taxpayer-supported bounty on coyotes. The state Game and Inland Fisheries already has a list of licensed and registered trappers for this area, and landowners, including farmers, can contact them and pay them directly to get rid of coyotes or other wildlife.
But no, the big tyrannical three will spend taxpayer money, confessing they don’t even know what fund this will come from. The library budget? The school budget? Maybe their own salaries?
Mr. Rosenbaum said he wants to protect deer so he can kill more of them. But deer carry ticks everywhere they go, demolishing commercial and home vegetable and flower gardens and trees.
The tyrannical three did not address the ecological damage ahead when rodents, including squirrels and rabbits — the main diet of coyotes, according to the Game and Inland Fisheries — have a population explosion, as well as deer. Rodents and rabbits carry ticks and diseases, and damage homes and gardens.
These three never present evidence nor data to support their claims.
But one claim is definitely correct: they don’t know the people. But the people are getting to know them.
The problem is, how much damage will Brewer, Rosenbaum and Sexton do to Grayson County, the budget, and taxpayers before the tyrannical three are recalled by the voters or kicked out at the next election?
Thanks to supervisors Kenneth Belton and Brenda Sutherland for taking the time to research the issues and to get to know the people of Grayson County.
Anne and Clark Donley