County could be carved up

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Name calling won’t get us anywhere near solving the zoning hassle in Grayson. All it does is make people mad and logic goes out the window.
Meanwhile, three of our supervisors are part of an orchestrated effort to throw Grayson County open to “developers” intent on cutting this lovely land into pieces for their own purposes, regardless of environmental impact.
They trade on local resentment caused by operators who raped the land and robbed the people and moved local jobs overseas.
Well-to-do newcomers don’t always get a friendly reception here, and some of them frankly don’t deserve one.
But I’m not convinced that the entire county wants to get rid of zoning, no matter how noisy the proponents are. One longtime Grayson lady said, “We’ve had zoning in Independence for years, and I haven’t seen any problem.”
We’re being bluffed. If you get people mad, they don’t think clearly. Even if we got rid of zoning, we’d still be stuck with state and federal requirements for buildings, septic tanks, wells, road access, floodplain development, erosion and sediment control and stormwater management. One county cannot countermand this.
Like it or lump it, you’d still have to pay the penalties under the Code of Virginia and federal law.
Kyle Noble