Corporations threaten democracy

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Our approval rating for Congress is at its lowest in our history. Our representatives and corporations are leading us in a race to the bottom.
Consider the fact that we have fallen from number one in education to 15th. Education is crucial to a democracy’s success.
Take the health care law that barely passed and is still under attack. This law will result in the prevention of disease and promotes the best cures and procedures which in the long run will save us millions. During the debate, health insurance and pharmaceutical corporations told our representatives to defeat the bill.
To accomplish this, some Republicans began to lie about sections of the bill. Nobody likes to be lied to. Lying destroys human relationships and could destroy any government.
Our Republican representatives haven’t given up yet. They claim the part of the law that mandates everyone buy health insurance is unconstitutional. Sooner or later, the vast majority of us will need health care, so the mandate is reasonable and just.
Our Supreme Court will soon decide, however. They recently made it easier for corporations to contribute money to our representative’s campaigns, making it obvious they also are favoring corporations.
Most recently, a bill was proposed to eliminate French fries for just one day a week from our school lunch menus. The potato and cola corporations told our representatives to defeat the bill — and they did! Corporations are interested in their wealth, not our health.
Will our grandchildren and great-grandchildren be proud of our legacy?
Let’s make our voices heard across our land and regain our democracy and leadership in our world!
Ron Pratt