Congress overtaken by socialists

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I am concerned about what is going on in our country. Eighty of our congressmen have professed to be socialists/communists. The majority of these have infiltrated the Democrat party, but I expect some are Republicans as well.
Our constitution is under attack. Mr. Obama has signed 923 executive orders, more than all of the other presidents in American history.   
Congress passed a bill eliminating Senate confirmation hearings of some presidential appointees. The list goes on.
Understand that the political parties, particularly the Democrat party, are not what they used to be.
People in this area stand true to their beliefs and their party, but now the politics has left our ideas and gone the liberal way.
What do we do now? I read that Wayne Allyn Root, chairman of the Libertarian National Campaign Committee, who resigned his position and joined the Republicans to help elect Mitt Romney. Why? Because he is willing to do what it takes to uphold our Constitution and keep our economy from collapsing.
We are in real danger. He states that “it’s time for a coalition of Republicans, conservatives, Tea Party activists, Libertarians, Ron Paul supporters, small-business owners, homeowners, investors, patriots, Christians, Jews and Israel supporters to join together and support Mitt  Romney now."
As Clint Eastwood said, “We own this nation. It’s time to take it back.”
This makes a lot of sense.  If we lose our constitution, our ship is sunk. Don’t believe it? Religious leaders in this country are calling for  prayer and fasting for America.  They know we are in danger.
This effort to save America will not be won by people alone. We must rejoin ourselves as One Nation Under God. It’s time for us to get back to God, repent and follow His Word. He is the reason for greatness of America.
He is our greatest need. I pray for God to bless America, but I know that first America must bless God.
Let’s find that place of prayer and get right with God. Then let’s get back into our churches and study The Word. God can save us!
Michele Dixon

Editor’s note: According to The Washington Post, Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) claimed this year that as many as 81 Democrats in Congress are members of the Communist Party. West elaborated that he was talking about the Congressional Progressive Caucus, a group of 76 of the more liberal Democrats in the U.S. House. “West’s comment clearly states that these members of Congress are also actual members of the Communist Party, though. There is no evidence to support that,” the newspaper said.