Congratulations to TCRH on ranking

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The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals, a well-respected non-profit monitor of quality in health-care facilities, has published a list of the 405 best hospitals in the U.S., based on scores it gives from exhaustive inspections of these facilities, their practices and their outcomes.
I was thrilled to see Twin County Regional Hospital on this list! We can be very proud of our local facility.
Most likely everyone reading this knows someone who works there. Please congratulate them on this accomplishment, as it takes cooperation from everyone, from the director to nursing staff to housekeepers, to achieve a high rating.
I was also gratified to find 17 Veterans Affairs facilities on this list. Veterans’ medical centers often score higher than their nearby private or non-profit counterparts.
But there is such a belief right now that “government can’t do anything right,” that we need to be reminded of the outstanding medical professionals who work with our nation’s veterans and are committed to giving them the best care possible.  
Kathy Cole