Conflict questions still unanswered

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The Carroll County administrator’s response to Supervisor Bob Martin’s effort to end the conflict of interest controversy was disturbing.
Little things, like Mr. Larrowe referring to events as recent as 2010 as occurring “many, many years ago.”
And big things, like his statement: “I… hate that some people have jumped off the team, and that is disappointing to me, Mr. Martin.”
What “team” did he mean — the Larrowe support team?
Government thrives when differing opinions are encouraged. The team we need is one that will move beyond selfish interests and will strive to bring economic development to Carroll County. Fairness and transparency would put this controversy to rest.
Mr. Larrowe was involved in private land transactions that may have [potentially] conflicted with his role in the Wildwood negotiations.
Mr. Larrowe has said that some activities (implicitly related to economic development) “have been derailed” because of this controversy.
In contrast to the transparent, publicly discussed controversy involving Supervisor Hendrick, eventually resolved by an opinion requested from Virginia’s attorney general, Larrowe’s [situation] was discussed in closed session.
This is a no-brainer. Even disregarding the issue of equal justice (equal to the Hendrick case), if this controversy is interfering with economic development, then why hasn’t Mr. Larrowe asked the board, in a public session, to detail the facts of the case — including the newly-disclosed role of the county attorney in Larrowe’s land sale, and the allegation of Larrowe’s effort to privately purchase additional land during the Wildwood negotiations — and then request an opinion from the commonwealth’s attorney?
Given his closeness to the case, the commonwealth’s attorney might then decide to forward the request to the attorney general for resolution.
Although Mr. Larrowe claims to have been working on this with the county attorney and commonwealth’s attorneys, he has also tried to avoid an open discussion by the board.
A collaborative effort would ensure that all sides are represented and would demonstrate to the voters that a sincere effort is being made.
Mike Goldwasser