Concerns about class move

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I am writing to express concerns about moving sixth and seventh grades from St. Paul School to Carroll County Middle School in Hillsville.
Each parent has an opportunity to select the school for their children, and as their former school board representative, I strongly urge everyone to leave their children at St. Paul for 2013‑2014.
St. Paul is one of the best schools in Carroll County, with modern facilities and a great faculty and staff.
If you desire that your children play sports, transportation can be provided for after-school activities.
Why transfer children to a middle school that is a new concept in Carroll County, with an immense enrollment, that will bring additional problems and concerns?
Why throw students into this environment that breeds failure and creates problems for parents to deal with? Larger schools do not create a better teaching/learning environment.
Why force children to waste an hour per day on a school bus with all the discipline problems that creates?
We will have the same curriculum at St. Paul. In fact, St. Paul was constructed to house all students in this area for grades K‑8. Why has there been a change in philosophy?
People in Cana, Lambsburg and Mt. Bethel need to take a stand and not let students be coerced into leaving St. Paul for another school.
Who is behind this and why? Stop and ask yourself, “what do I want for my child? Which school is in the best interest of my child?”
Do not let anyone else make this decision for you. Take a stand and oppose sending even one student to Hillsville.
We saw our schools closed in this area in the 1990s. Now there is a concerted effort to diminish the importance of St. Paul School by taking students away.
In a few years, all of our students will be transported across the mountain. Is that what we want? Are we going to stand by and let this happen?
Stand up and fight this movement of students right now before we regret this and before it’s too late to stop the stampede.
Phillip Berrier
Former school board member
Fancy Gap District